I feel very incompetent.. like suddenly I have become stupid and that’s a scary thought… a simple process does not click with my brain and I am sitting there unable to see what the problem is. I feel like I … Continue reading

Not Idle, Lessons Learned

I start working tomorrow after nine months of not working.  I wasn’t idle either.  But I wasn’t really working in an office environment. It was more working for the glory of God’s kingdom in the first part of my time-off … Continue reading

Stream of Consciousness

My mind often wonders and marvels at life’s issues.  Well. If we can say that life has issues.  I used to question who I am. What is the purpose of my existence? Why was I chosen to live just over … Continue reading

Imprisoned by Grief

To a Church youth group somewhere in C…. Grief, this emotion comes abruptly When life’s course changes swiftly Into a new reality Of loss, pain and confusion This raging exploding pain Wreaks havoc across My wounded soul Wounded, broken A … Continue reading