4th Birthday Poem

It is 1.05 pm, four years Since your birth.. and death But it seems as if it only Happened hours ago. The air is thick with memories Grief surprises me this year Comes crashing in thick and fast I remember … Continue reading

Happy 4th Birthday Sebastian

My dearest Sebastian, Happy 4th Birthday in heaven! If you were here we would be maybe having pancakes or waffles for breakfast I imagine.  We would sit around the table at Grandma and Grandpa’s house with Auntie Madeleine and I … Continue reading

How long should one grieve?

How long should one grieve? Is there a time limit on grief? All those parents who have lost children before birth – are they entitled to grieve? One month, two months, three months, one year, two years, three years, four … Continue reading

My Son – Life without you

Four years ago today it was a rainy grey and cold day. I woke up early that day before dawn broke with period-like cramps. It was the beginning of contractions.  I told my mom and she said to time them. … Continue reading

What if God isn’t Real? Or is he real?

Say, what if God isn’t real? And what if he is real? If God isn’t real then life would be meaningless? Surely…  Probable! No? Possibly? Yes? If God didn’t create this masterpiece Who would create this Wonderful masterpiece displayed before … Continue reading