The Rising Tide

Anxiety is like the rising tide that ebbs and flows. It comes out of nowhere sometimes. Paralyses you into a state of fear. And what can be done then? Nothing. I had a good weekend.  It was filled with fun, … Continue reading

Being Left Behind

Writing helps me process my thoughts.  Some thoughts I write may be concerning for some. But they should not be.  I am just going through a rough phase but that is OK. No big deal right? I am not alone … Continue reading

The Mask

The mask is easy to put on once you know how to handle the darkness that lingers around your soul day and night. It becomes your friend.  Your ally in this imperfect world. You can hush it. Sometimes it’ll be … Continue reading

When I want to fade

I don’t understand where this darkness comes from It asks me to fade with the tide Into a timeless void It consumes me till I am like a volcano ready to erupt A depressed volcano erupting Into ash And then … Continue reading

Never A Dull Moment – Overcoming Barriers

In my life there never really seems to be a dull moment.  I feel like I’ve overcome some barriers this week.  As I sit back and reflect on the week gone by, I simply have to thank God for life.  … Continue reading