Migraine Marathon

So, it’s one of those things that I used to write so frequently about then I stopped. Now they the MIGRAINES are back in a magnificent spasmodic rage of pain. And I tell you, it’s not a pleasant experience to … Continue reading

Adventures with Goji the Dog (1)

Today we went for a walk. Goji decided he wanted to walk in the graveyard. I was like OK – I am happy with that. We go into the graveyard, walk. Have a few sniffs and a few wees here … Continue reading

Oh My Darling Boy

Oh my darling boy how I miss you so. Life is so different now. I realise I never even got to hold you like a mummy should have. Back then I used to think that time would stand still. That … Continue reading

Battle Scars

This post is inspired by my husband and in honour of my husband. “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” This is probably a true reflection of my husband. Where the wound was, the light entered. A … Continue reading

Happy Happy 7th Birthday, Sebastian :)

In loving memory of my son Sebastian-David, born sleeping on 29th September 2014 Happy Happy Birthday to my dearest son Sebastian! Wow! 7 years ago you were born. What a poignant moment where life merged with death. Joy merged with … Continue reading

There’s a time for everything

There is a time for everything under the sun. A time to cry. A time to laugh. A time to be sad. A time to be happy. A time to mourn. A time to be joyful. A time to celebrate. … Continue reading

A Fragile Line

Life is fragile, a simple thread between you and God existsConnected as one to the Infinity of LifeNever are we really apart from our CreatorAll He asks us to do is seek His faceFather will hear our cries We walk … Continue reading

Hold onto the Yo-yo String

dedicated to Oupa in Johannesburg, South Africa. Thank you for inspiring me to write these words and for your Godly wisdom to encourage us. Ecclesiastes 4:12 – A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand … Continue reading