Grief at its Peak

Depression is like a plague. It comes unannounced, opens the door without knocking and plants itself firmly and squarely on your red sofa. I am someone who is prone to depression. I tend to get depressed around this time of … Continue reading

Migraine Storm

The migraine storm is over. It has passed on.  Thank God.  I don’t know how.  It was a slow build up into the migraine storm. Extreme tiredness.   Nausea all week.  Headaches on and off before the hurricane wrecks havoc in … Continue reading

Dear Mr B

Dear Mr B, I don’t tend to write open letters especially to you, and especially with such a vulnerable topic. But I have been challenged to write something down. Perhaps something of a closure? Or the beginning of the end … Continue reading

Homeless at Heart (part 2)

As I stand under the shower, I let the hot rain drop onto my figure, pounding down hard, fast, as I stand, and lapse into deep thought once again. A trance has come over me as the water echoes, lurches … Continue reading

Homeless at Heart (part 1)

I wrote this piece 11 years ago when I was a university student in Cardiff.  I unearthed it recently or rather a good university friend of mine found it and had sent it to me via email.  I don’t really … Continue reading

The Whispers of a Bad Day

On a bad day doubt comes in and weasels its way into me And I question my mere existence before God What is the point in all of this if only ridicule and loneliness come before me When isolation stretches … Continue reading

Half a Decade – Home Alone

Home alone. Cheesy topic right? Well, for the first time in my life I am renting a little place on my own by the grace of God. That belongs to no-one but me. I can scarcely believe it now.  It … Continue reading