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Hello Reader,

I am Hannah.  In my late 20’s.  I am a Christian.  A follower of Jesus.  I am a mom of three angel babies in heaven.  I am also an aunt to a little boy in heaven.  I am also my mother’s child, and I have brothers and sisters.

I believe that Jesus died for my sins.  My deepest desire is to follow him all of my days, and to trust him, and follow his wills rather then the desires of my flesh.

My hobbies: apart from writing which seems to be stating the obvious, I love to read the book, I love listening to music… and I love walking.  Of course for a long time I stopped walking but picked it up again.  Thank God.  I like looking at the beauty in God’s creation, and it makes me appreciate everything a lot more…I am a creative person.  I love making things with my hands.  I love baking and cooking… I love walking my families’ dogs.

I am interested in knowing what people think of my blog posts.  Feel free to comment on it… or email me at



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