God’s Kisses

God comes and sits besides me
He kisses me on the cheek.
Holds me in His arms and caresses my face
Tears fall down my face
I feel His tangible presence
I know He is here to heal me
To forgive me, to love me,
To hold me and to tell me
I am His daughter
I am healed
I am not alone

I feel free
I no longer feel afraid
I have peace
God is so good

I feel His Hand inside my head
Stilling the pain
Taking the pain away
In one beautiful sweep
He goes in again and takes more
Gunk away and again and again
Till all the hurt has been taken
Laid at the foot of the Cross
That burden no longer mine

God comes and sits by my bed
Holds me in his arms and
Gently kisses me on the forehead
I embrace Him
I am His
He is my source for life
He dwells within me
For always

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