Happy Happy 7th Birthday, Sebastian :)

In loving memory of my son Sebastian-David, born sleeping on 29th September 2014

Happy Happy Birthday to my dearest son Sebastian! Wow! 7 years ago you were born. What a poignant moment where life merged with death. Joy merged with sorrow. What a beautiful gift from heaven you were/are. You will always remain my son, you will always be in my heart.

Thank you for teaching me about unconditional love. Thank you for helping me make the right decisions to protect you, to love you, to care for you.

Seven years have taken me on a journey of loss, heartache, missing you, laughter, new adventures and much more. It led me to travel through Europe to learn all about God’s love. New friendships built. New beginnings on the horizon. Marriage soon. And now I wonder will you have a brother or sister one day? Will God gift us with a child of our own?

My dearest beloved son you gave me hope at a time where there was no hope. To love you so intensely showed me that love is real, it is possible. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You were created for a purpose and you are protected. You are very much loved, my precious Child of God.You helped me to be your Mama. To be your Mama is an absolute honour. To be able to have laid you to rest was a complete honour. To be able to have carried you was a privelege.

Happy Birthday my dearest son Sebastian. Till we meet in heaven one day. I will carry you forever in my heart.

Love you always,
For always,
In all ways

Your Mama

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