A Longing So Deep

Don’t you love how the sea landscape is constantly changing? God’s creation is always moving so elegantly into a motionfull picture. That is the beauty of life. Life never stays the same. Sea landscapes never stay the same, it’s always changing with the patterns of water and wind determining the course of how it will be. It’s been 8 years since I nearly returned home to have my son. And 7 years since butterflies released was birthed. The last few years it has ebbed and flowed. I’ve not written much. The desire to write is still there. But it’s finding the time, the words to put down on paper. What is God telling me? What is God teaching me? Silence is OK. That we are not forgotten. He whispers soft melodies to my soul reminding me of his love as the warm water gently laps over my feet as I stare into the distance of God’s ultimate beauty – His creation.

The desire to have a child runs deep within my soul and I wonder if this will come through one day? Granted I have 3 beautiful children up in heaven. Is that the last of it? Or will there be another much longed for child coming our way? Oh how I pray that that will be the case and that God will bless us with children. It is the Lord that determines the course that we take. And it is only Him that decides whether it will happen or not. It is not up to I or up to my husband. It is up to the Lord and in Him we need to trust. But oh this is so difficult to do. It is not an easy feat to achieve to put your complete trust in God. The God of the possible – making the impossible possible. We trust wholeheartedly into a God who knows what the best is for us.

Every day is a miracle. Every day that we live is a day to be thankful for. Every day is an opportunity to praise God. Every day is an opportunity to celebrate the goodness of what life has to offer. Every disappointment is God’s divine opportunity. And so today, I lay it all down at the foot of the cross. I give my heart to God and submit myself to His will for my life. I choose to believe and to have faith and that whatever God has in store for me – it will be the will of God and I will remain faithful. I will continue to believe and seek his presence. God’s presence is the only place where we can truly feel the comfort of His love and know that we are truly safe and loved.

Take the opportunity to enjoy God’s creation. Go outside and breathe in his fresh beauty and Be still and know that He is God.

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