Battle Scars

This post is inspired by my husband and in honour of my husband.
“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

This is probably a true reflection of my husband. Where the wound was, the light entered. A long time ago, nearly 16 years ago my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumour called Craniopharyngiomas. I don’t even know how to say this name to this day. I remember how my husband would recount the story on many occasions to myself and strangers alike about when he was so poorly. This is when his life changed, when he turned his life around. I suppose it was God’s wake up call to him. He could have died. But God didn’t allow him to. He probably should have died. But God had better plans for him. Even over the last couple of years we’ve had some scares. Increased pressure to the brain. Emergency surgery. Open a part of his skull to fix the ventricular shunt as it was blocked to help decrease the pressure in the brain. God is always there even when we don’t realise it. When the doctors were operating on him the first time to remove the tumour a white liquid was guiding them to the place of the tumour. They said this was spectacular as they had never experienced something like this before. For many people see Lee as a walking miracle. Someone who has gone through much. His battle scars are visible. The wounds are visible and this I believe is where the light entered into him. Reminding Lee that to have life is to come from the source of God.

For others their scars are invisible. Like for me. No-one except the ones that know me know that I had a son once nearly seven and a half years ago. A battle scar that I carry. The wound that it gave me allowed light to seep in so that I could encourage others on a similar journey as I. For others the wounds are not known are completely hidden because they are ashamed of who they have become or who they are. They don’t believe that they are not to be loved or that they are not good enough. But the truth is – we are God’s children. He chose us and therefore we are good enough, although it does not give us a license to sin. When we do sin we need to repent and ask God for forgiveness. Spending time with God is so vital for our souls. Don’t neglect that relationship with the Lord.

We might sometimes neglect our relationship with the Lord because we find excuses like life got in the way, we are too busy. But are we really that busy that we can’t even spare a thought for the Creator of the Universe? Who are we but mere mortals? God created the universe, how much more can He do for you and I. He isn’t a puppet master. He’s God! The God of light. The God of love. The God of compassion. The God of grace. He loves us so much. He has designed us each in intrinsic detail and sees us completely as unique. Every night I look at the following by my bedside table:

You are a Child of God – Galatians 3:26
Are fearfully and wonderfully made – Psalm 139:4
Can do all things through Christ – Philippians 4:13
Are His – Isaiah 43:1
Were created for a purpose – Jeremiah 29:11
Are protected – Psalm 121:3
Have Hope and a Future – Jeremiah 29:11

Isn’t that a beautiful promise from God? Reminding us of how much He cares and knows us. All He is asking us is to spend a little bit of time with Him every single day. Spending time with God should be easy and simple. It shouldn’t be boring and a burden or a chore. It should be a time of precious quiet moments where we get spiritually and physically refreshed when we feel burnt out. Imagine having conversations with God on a daily basis, throughout the day, every day. It doesn’t just have to be the morning or evening. It can be all the time, every day. All you need to say is Abba, Father, and He will hear you. He yearns to hear your voice. As He yearns to talk to you. Give Abba, Father the opportunity to speak to your heart. Let Him heal the battle scars so that light can enter in.

Don’t let darkness consume you. For you know what we have hope. There is a hope so sure because we have a living God who loves us so deeply and so dearly. He wants to know you and me. He wants you to run to Him like you would to your husband or wife or to your Father and Mother. He wants you to come to Him and rest at his feet. Our hope should be in God, not with people. Our desire should be to please God not people. Listen to God, He’s crying out your name. He yearns to speak with you as you battle your own silent scars – know that you are not alone. You have a friend in Jesus.

What will you chose to do today?

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