A Fragile Line

Life is fragile, a simple thread between you and God exists
Connected as one to the Infinity of Life
Never are we really apart from our Creator
All He asks us to do is seek His face
Father will hear our cries

We walk on the plains of earth between life and death
Where birth and death merge
Babies are born, People die

And then you wonder
Why Lord is there so much suffering, so much pain,
So much brokenness?
Why did God put us here on this earth?
For what purpose?

Is there some secret to life to do what is right before God?
What is the recipe to successful living without trials? And errors…
A bit like a bread gone wrong badly
Try again as you might
Try and try to do what is right

We all stand on a stage
Performing to the best of our abilities
Does God want us to perform, or does he want us just to be?
Father God says “my Child, just be, be still, be you, don’t perform
I approve of you just the way you are. Most of all I love you”

God is all encompassing
He is sovereign over all
He is Lord of Lord
King of Kings
The way to everlasting life

A fragile line exists between Earth and Heaven
Till we pass from one place onto the next
We strive to do what is right
We pray we hear God’s will for our life
We strive to be
Don’t ask the what if’s
Just keep looking up
The Lord Almighty will direct our paths

Trust Him
Have Faith
He knows
He loves you for always,
In always
For always

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