What Happens

What happens When the memories crash and floodgates open? Anxiety rises. He’s lurking behind the shadows Of every nightmare, of ever haunted memory Of every moment in my day He seems to know how to control me Knows how to … Continue reading

Another Day in Hannah’s Life

Reader, I started running again.  The flesh doesn’t want to run, the spirit is willing. Today was my second run of the week. My aim is to build up to 4 times a week. Wonder where I will fit all … Continue reading

Grief at its Peak

Depression is like a plague. It comes unannounced, opens the door without knocking and plants itself firmly and squarely on your red sofa. I am someone who is prone to depression. I tend to get depressed around this time of … Continue reading

Migraine Storm

The migraine storm is over. It has passed on.  Thank God.  I don’t know how.  It was a slow build up into the migraine storm. Extreme tiredness.   Nausea all week.  Headaches on and off before the hurricane wrecks havoc in … Continue reading

Dear Mr B

Dear Mr B, I don’t tend to write open letters especially to you, and especially with such a vulnerable topic. But I have been challenged to write something down. Perhaps something of a closure? Or the beginning of the end … Continue reading

Homeless at Heart (part 2)

As I stand under the shower, I let the hot rain drop onto my figure, pounding down hard, fast, as I stand, and lapse into deep thought once again. A trance has come over me as the water echoes, lurches … Continue reading

Homeless at Heart (part 1)

I wrote this piece 11 years ago when I was a university student in Cardiff.  I unearthed it recently or rather a good university friend of mine found it and had sent it to me via email.  I don’t really … Continue reading