The Hope of Glory

Dedicated to my precious first-borne son and soon to be precious second son – a gift from Heaven indeed.

My son’s movements are like a bird’s wing fluttering around,
Making his presence known to us
Reminding me daily that there is life within – about to be birthed
A hope so sure sitting quietly on my shoulder
Willing me on

Gentle are the touches of our child within
Being formed by the creator of Heaven and Earth
Moving with elegance, being formed in His image

Helper he is – teaching me to love again
Messenger of God – giving me the hope of glory
Great is Abba Father’s plan for this little son of ours

How I love my precious sons
How I love my first without measure
How I love my second without measure
Helping me to see love again

My son’s movements are like a bird’s wing kissing
The Inner side of my brokenness
How I praise the Lord for this beautiful miracle within.
For everlasting life.
Thanking God for my first-borne son
And soon to be my second son

How I need you Lord to believe and to not
Be afraid of what is to come
Just trust my child
Just believe my child
All is well with you
It is well with your soul
It is well with my soul

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