Dear Life-Partner (19)

Dear Life-Partner,

I haven’t written to you in such a very long time because I can talk to you everyday. What a beautiful blessing. I see you in person on a daily basis. You’re such a wonderful gift from the Lord for me. Last year in 2019 you were my Christmas gift from God. Every day I am so blessed by God because of how you are with me. You have taught me so much about God’s love. Shown me grace, shown me favour. Taken the time to get to know me, love me for who I am despite the error of my ways. You encourage me and support me. You make me laugh when I am down. You make me smile. Thank you for loving me.

All the time while I was writing I was wondering will I ever meet my life-partner or is it a far-fetched dream? I know I have from the moment we met I felt in my heart that you were the one that God chose for me. We celebrated Boxing day together last year and saw the New Year in together. And our journey began. It has had its ups and downs as the Lord is moulding two people together with broken hearts into one new heart.

We both have a love for people. We both want to serve the Lord. We kept prayer central to our relationship. This goes through seasons, some months we are spiritually closer and other months we are spiritually further apart. We entered the year together not knowing what would come our way. No-one knew that Corona would spread like wild-fire and that it would keep people away from people. Churches closed. Yet, we were blessed as we were still able to see each other and to support and encourage one another.

We’ve been together for just over a year now. What a wonderful blessing the year has been. I never thought we would make it to a year. But the scriptural verse that comes to mind is what God brings together let no man tear apart (Matthew 19:6). God has been good to us. He’s kept us together with a sound mind, despite the ups and downs. I am grateful – for everything I have learned is not wasted. God has been so good to us both. He has kept us safe. He has loved us with all of His heart and He has answered our prayers.

As I read back over my life-partner letters I see that the Lord has met me and answered my prayers. He has given me a precious gift that I will never want to take for granted. I appreciate what the Lord has done for me. I am truly grateful to my life-partner and for how he has supported me over the past year. Encouraged me when I was down, seeing my potential when others didn’t see it. Praise the Lord for His goodness. Praise the Lord for keeping us safe and for guiding us step-by-step.

2021 will be a year where we will step into our inheritance and allow God to surprise us even more.

God bless you my dearest.

And love you lots.


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