Glorious Rain

Leviticus 26.4 – I will send you rain in its season, and the ground will yield its crops and the trees their fruit.

When it rains hard it reminds me of happy moments in my life. Moments of cleansing. Rain is a metaphor for cleansing, for purifying. I have always seen rain as a blessing from God after a storm. People often get frustrated with rain. But rain is a wonderful thing to behold. Every drop in the sky is a blessing from the Lord. A prayer answered. God is good, every time. Every time God is good. I want to please God. I want to honour Him and worship Him for all that He has done in my life. He is so good.

On the surface I may come across as certain of my faith. But sometimes, lately I am questioning if it is really there. Sometimes I go through phases of is God real? I went through a really dry phase in my faith recently where I found it extremely hard to pray to the Lord and look up to him for guidance. I guess I have gone through some desert moments in recent months, questioning whether God is real or if He will speak to me like He does to those that are close to me. I know that God speaks to me in different ways. He cleanses me. It is like a refining process. A process of going through the fire. One thing I have learned over these last months is that God is never far away, and that He does answer our prayers even if it is not always obvious. Always praise the Lord in every situation.

God teaches us patience through the situations we go through. And sometimes after patience a crop is yielded. What will we do with this crop? Rush over and harvest it? Or take our time to praise the Lord for getting us through the storm? I had some really hard months but now the hard moments have eased as I praise the Lord for His goodness, for giving me the patience to endure. For allowing me to experience the challenges that I experience. Without these experiences I would not have been moulded in the way that the Lord wanted me to be moulded. He shapes us, He refines us, He puts us through things that He believes we will be able to cope with. And He never leaves our side. Always loves us. He is our number one encourager. God is good, every time. Every time God is good.

Rain is a welcome in my life as it purifies and refreshes my soul. I am so thankful to the Lord for all things, for pushing me out of my comfort zone as He pushes me further to trust Him. God is good, every time.

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