my refuge, in Him who I trust

When all seems lost and gone I stare into the faraway distance And wonder what is to become of me – what is God’s purpose of me? Is there a purpose somewhere – out there waiting for me I wonder … Continue reading

When writing is the only outlet

When writing is the only outlet to express your emotions, the only way to make sense of the turmoil inside of you, the only way you can express yourself without the fear of being judged or condemned for how you … Continue reading

Hope for the painfully broken

Pain haunts. I struggle. I drown. I am paralysed with fear. No-one sees behind the mask that covers up multitudes of hurt. I snap. I am edgy. I am irritable. Little things that don’t normally bother me, bother me. I … Continue reading

After-thought Daughter

Living is like fighting through the debris of panic Deep well for me.. Behind the wall tears want to release Trapped tightly behind a steel door I break, I fall, I am lost I can’t fight this darkness It curls … Continue reading