Eruption of Pain

I am overwhelmed by one thing
Pain, a word that should not exist
I never knew that it could feel like this
An emptiness floating around
As if making fun of my fragile state
Making me question my mere existence

Pain is merciless, it comes with vengeance
It steals peace, it erupts like a volcano
Till there’s nothing left except dark ash
Ash everywhere, scattered haplessly
As I desperately scramble to cling on
To something, a branch of some sort

Perhaps beauty will arise from the ash
Ash trodden earth, everywhere I turn
Ruins and more ruins
People weeping broken tears
People angry with the world
People looking for meaning
Is there meaning in this life?

I am on the sea with crashing waves
Far away from land as I drift into
Oblivion with pain smeared all over my life
If only my daughter Micheline could have stayed
If only my daughter Elouise could have stayed
If only my son Sebastian could have stayed
If only he could have stayed too

My God my God
Where are you in this flood of tears?

Everyone gone
My meaning of life buried deep into the
Forgotten sands of a world
Full of deep human suffering
Alone alone

My shattered existence
Erupts in a volcano of pain

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