Dear Sebby – Scattered Dreams

Dear Sebby, Missing you my dear boy. I know I haven’t written to you  yet this year.  It’s been a hectic few weeks with a lot of changes.  More importantly,  we made it into 2019 unscathed. I find that time … Continue reading

A Walk on Water – Day 210

I woke up feeling quite vulnerable this morning with dreams washing over me.  I’ve had a challenging time since June last year and it fluctuates. Some days are easier to cope with than others. Some are painfully hard, painfully obvious … Continue reading

The Ship

An exercise done in my creative counselling class. We each had to write something about The Ship on 21/01/19.  And I was reminded back to that time when I felt like I was walking on water. That land was far away and someone gave me a vision that there were two doves – one with an olive twig and the other nothing… This was my take on The Ship

The ship sits deep in an ocean hue of blue
Alone and vast, waves splashing, roaring past
A figure stands at the front, two doves perch on a rail
Looking directly as if questioningly at the person
And flutters away into the sky as if to say: follow me..

I wonder what message did they want to bring?
Are we close to land? Or far away?
The ship stands tall, far away from the
Busyness of life, peaceful
As the soft breeze brings in the loving
Voice of Father God
Hannah my child there are two ways
The dove with the olive branch
The dove without the branch
Both ways lead to much good
What way do you choose?

The ship moves, land is in sight
Time does not stand still, it fasts forward
To the present time – Hannah is now on dry land
No longer on water but in the presence of the Lord
What way did you choose?

A Strange Day

Today is a strange day.  A very restless day.  I can’t seem to concentrate on anything.  I can’t seem to focus.  My mind is racing a hundred miles an hour. I almost wish that people would not see my potential … Continue reading

Year End, Year New

I can scarcely believe that the New Year has arrived.  Where did the year go? Was my head really in the clouds all this time? When I think of the year just gone, I saw challenges and depression before me. … Continue reading

Love’s Greatest Treasure

It’s Christmas, that time of year when everyone should be sitting around the fireplace with their stockings neatly lined up from oldest to youngest. Christmas is often defined as family time.  Its meaning lost among the hustle and bustle of … Continue reading


I used to wonder why I often slept worse than the average person around me. Why it always took longer for me to switch off before I could fall asleep. It would often frustrate me that I couldn’t sleep. I … Continue reading