I wonder Dad Coleman

In memory of Dad Coleman 26/03/2020

I wonder Dad Coleman, there are so many things I wonder
Secrets you could have shared with me about Lee
Stories, so many stories that could have been shared.

I wonder Dad Coleman what it would have been like to go to South Africa
To meet you, your smile and eyes stand out to me the half-dozen times we spoke
Your smile and eyes just like Lee
Kindness and gentleness beyond measure
You touched a chord within my heart.

How can I weep for someone I’ve never met in person
Just online, because distance was too great a stretch.
How can I weep? I should be strong for my dearest Lee

I weep because you will never get to see Lee marry
I weep because you will miss out on all the things a father would do prior to a son getting married.
I weep because you will not be there encouraging Lee, cheering him on
I weep because my dearest Lee cannot seek wisdom from you

I wonder what it would have been like to meet you, Dad Coleman?
To introduce you to our children, your grandchildren
I wonder what you would have been like as an Oupa
How I wish selfishly for more time to have known you
For my dearest Lee to be able to spend extra moments with you

I weep because you’ll never get to meet the grandchildren I will bare and the last name that they will carry Coleman
I weep because I never got to say thank you to you for the way my Lee is
How I wish I could have met you and whispered in your ear and said
Lee is precious
Lee is a fine young man
Thank you for teaching  Lee gentleness

I thank you for your funny spirit
I thank you for the impact you have had
You will live in our hearts forever

My son welcomes you
Pain no more
Suffer no more
You are safe

I thank you for everything, Dad Coleman
Though I’ve not met you in person,
I’ve got a little part of you beside me in your son Lee

May you rest in peace
May you live on in those that knew you
You are loved
Very much loved

Good-bye Dad Coleman,
Till we meet again.

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