New Beginnings – Day 6

~~~ Jesus sees what you can become ~~~

These past few days have been challenging for me. I feel somewhat anxious and more emotional than usual. The tears very near to the surface. Sometimes they trickle down my face. Other times I do not let it trickle down my face and somehow I suppress my tears from coming to the surface. Not sure why. Not really understanding why. But one thing I can say for certain is – it is well with my soul. Despite the varying emotions I am experiencing at the moment. I have peace and the assurance that God is on my side and that He will provide for my needs.

Various people in my life are encouraging me to apply for jobs higher. I have a tendency to apply for jobs below my diploma and they are encouraging me to aim higher. To meet my potential. I am grateful that they care, that they want the best for me. Grateful that they are challenging me. But it paralyses me with fear. I question my worth in those moments. Maybe I am not good enough to aim for higher. But even God’s saying – not to apply for jobs that I would normally apply for. So – I am taking a step at a time.

With the corona virus being classed as a pandemic now – employers are putting a low priority on hiring new people. These are uncertain times, but God is in control and it will work. I believe. I surrender my life. I have so many blessings in my life. I am so thankful to the Lord and for His goodness. So appreciative of all that he has done for me. So I will keep looking up. Focus on one day at a time. And not worry about what tomorrow will bring.

Look up and be still Hannah. I love you my dear child. Be my daughter. Be still. Be free. Don’t do. Be still. Be still and I will provide.


One thought on “New Beginnings – Day 6

  1. Hang in there, Hannah. You are God’s dearly loved and infinitely valued daughter. The rest of us value you pretty highly too.

    Time to try believing another thing that is true rather than an old lie?

    With much love,


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