Pillar of Strength

Written to my angel son born sleeping on 29.09.14 – This was the first of many love poems I have written to my precious little man…  Rest in peace my little miracle, my handsome wise little man.  May you forever rest in peace.  Mama is looking forward to meeting you in heaven one day!!

Sebastian David
Precious child of God
Mama loves you more
Than life itself
Loved you from moment to moment you entered me
And left your hand and foot prints
All behind
Only to become a distant memory fading in and out like waves
You my precious child of God –
My pillar of strength
Gave me hope and joy
Of becoming your mama
If only you were mine to keep
Under the sky we would lay
Counting the stars,
I would pick you up
When you fall
Hold you
When you cry
Love you
Through and through
Share moments with you
That only mama and son can do
Together forever in soul
But not in body
Goodbye my precious
Little miracle
Gone to soon
But left a massive foot print
Behind on my grieving heart.

One thought on “Pillar of Strength

  1. Reblogged this on butterfliesreleased and commented:

    I wrote this four years ago (29.09.14) shortly after I gave birth to my son to honor him. I had to learn to rebuild my life slowly and trust that God would carry me through all storm. I did not realize at the time how many people were praying for me… That I would write a book and eventually travel around Europe to share my story of loss, pain but ultimately finding my salvation in God. I experienced God’s timely love throughout and it’s strengthening day by day. I have been able to give hope and courage to other grieving people. May the Lord bless you and comfort you on whatever journey you are on.

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