Little Boy, Grief

Little boy, grief
Sits steadfast on
Mummy’s shoulder.
Little rays of light
Peak through the angry
Clouds of tired sadness.

The many black sraight
bottles, that somberely
Line up in neat rows

Catching all of
Mummy’s tears
Of sadness

One by one
They line up to
Catch the next falling tear drop.
As they collectively form
A blanket
Of gentleness

Little boy, grief
Mummy saw a blue
Butterfly flying freely across the
Rolling azure.

Thank you little boy
For sending mummy’s favourite
Animal to greet her
On morning dew

Little boy, grief
Be my sunshine
For mummy loves you
And carries you within
Her broken heart
Of sorrow.
Mummy loves you;
Misses you!

Little boy, grief
Be free
Be the delicate blue butterfly
You were meant to be!

Goodbye my
Blue butterfly…

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