Who I am

My name is Hannah. I sometimes suffer with depression But mostly anxiety I am not ashamed of this Because this is a Part of who I am The dysfunction Of my childhood Caused me to view myself In an unfavourable … Continue reading

Missing Puzzle Piece

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were completely at peace with yourself? And were able to sleep a full night of uninterrupted peaceful sleep? Did you know it must have been about 10 years since … Continue reading

A Quest

As a child I would daydream a lot. I would daydream about what a nice happy family life would be like/ look like. I would romanticise this.  I don’t anymore. Because I don’t see a point. When my family life … Continue reading

A Sadness Not Forgotten

When I am sad, my first reflex is too write. I learned to do this after my son died.  I remember doing it because I wanted to document those emotions. I wanted to remind myself what those early days felt … Continue reading

Another Sleeplessness Night

I watch the day merge into night, night into dawn. It’s another sleepless night. I wake feeling emotionally wrung out.  Insecure of who I am meant to be.  Close to tears because sleep is an unpleasant activity plagued by endless … Continue reading

Sleep… sleeplessness

It’s hard for me to fall asleep. They say people with ADHD or ADD struggle to sleep… ever since I remember sleep is like a war-zone.  I am on this battlefield fighting it. Trying to let  my body relax seems … Continue reading