She is Me

She is me
She could be you
Weak. Battered. Bruised.
Resilience. Strength. Faith

She wants to be seen, and heard
She wants to be healed
She wants to feel the loving touch of God
She wants grace,
She wants to be forgiven
She wants to be whole

Love is tinged by manipulation
Hope is coloured with pain (from a forgotten past)
Faith is shadowed by uncertainty
Life is clouded by constant misbeliefs
But God gave us the cross
Where we can put our hurts
And where healing can occur

Does she decide to live by faith?
Or by fear..?

Will she live her life for Him?
Or will she choose to live life for herself?

Self-doubt the enemy of the soul
God’s certainty should be the lover of her soul
Why is there so much distrust? So much pain?

Pain, needless pain.
Fear of being alone.
She is me
She could be you.
Weak. Battered. Bruised.
Resilence. Strength. Faith

She lives her life by
Resilience. Strength. Faith.
Love. Hope. Peace.
This is she. This is me.

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