Forgotten Teardrops

When silent tears drop with a soft thud

No-one hears the heartbroken grief or

Sees behind the veil of grief

You’re alone. Alone. Alone. Alone.

Forgotten. Forgotten. Forgotten.

No-one cares how you feel.


No-one cares how grief holds you

Hostage against your own will

Sooner or later everyone turns away

And walks away from you…


…and suddenly you realize there i am

Alone. Alone. Alone.

Forgotten. Forgotten. Forgotten

Amongst the cracks

Hostage to grief.

Desperately trying to find a key

To unlock that door

So that hope can come in.


But it doesn’t. No matter where you

Go. Who you talk with, walk with.

You will always

Be alone. Alone. Alone…

Always alone.

Forgotten. Lost at sea.


No-one sees the tears gushing.

No-one lets you cry on their shoulder

Because they cant stand to see the

Anguish on your face.


The tears splash

And there i am standing

At the crossroad of life

Wondering what to do?


To give up this good fight…

Or to continue battling the storms..

I wonder is it all worth it?

All this pain? This senseless loss.


Nothing makes sense

So i sink into my drowning pit

As the tears cascade down

Like an escalator..



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