Fly High, Toby, Fly High

Dedicated to Toby Lawler on his 1st birthday in heaven.  Born sleeping on 12th July 2o15.  Wishing much gentleness to your mummy, daddy, brother and sisters.  Stay safe in the arms of Jesus.  We all love you precious angel.

Tonight as I lay under the stars, my heart remembers you

With a sweet fondness, my dreams interweave into reality

of what once was, but gone now.

In my heart I know what a handsome

little boy you would have become.

Full of grief and yet a surge of love for you

I celebrate your life and remember the impact

You brought.

Your tiny footprints all over my grieving heart

Oh sweet precious boy

How I wish you were here

How I wish I could cuddle you

And read you bed time stories

And sing to you.

But tonight I lay on my bed as the silent tears

Roll down my face



The impact you brought

Into my life.

Happy 1st birthday sweet Toby.

Till we see each other again.

I will always love you.

I will always miss you.

You will always be in my heart.

Fly high, Toby, fly high.

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