Cry Baby, Cry

I wrote this poem when I was a teenager, experiencing bullying at school (mainly in the form of verbal and emotional abuse), and turmoil where-ever I went.   I remember standing in the playground against a wall in knee high snow alone; forlorn.  My mom came to school that day to speak to the head-teacher about my predicament.  It only made things worse. My teenage years is not something that I would really like to remember. 

Cry baby, cry out the pain.
Tear the pain away from
your heart.
Tear the scars away with your
Away they fly into nothingness.
Go to dreamland and
sink into warm cushions of love.
Dream on-saftey is on her way.
Weep heeps of water
as the past slips away with the stream.
Cry baby,
Cry baby,

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