Dear Life-Partner (16)

Dear Life-Partner,
I think we’ve at last met. We didn’t realise it at first but then it dawned on us – what if this is God’s will for us. I was too scared to admit how I was feeling. Too afraid to get hurt again. You shared your fears with me and said the same. I know in my heart time will lead us on into the greatest love adventure and that God will be our guiding light in everything that we do and in how we hold life dear to us. Your heart seems to be connected to mine. Mine to yours. It all seems so very natural. Almost too good to be true. I’ll let that thought pass me by.

I didn’t think that meeting you would happen. I gave up on the thought of ever meeting the one that the Lord had/has assigned for me. I stopped writing you letters a year and a month before we met. I entered a season of trial and tribulation. The refiners fire. You entered that furnace too around the same time as I. Not realising, not knowing that a beautiful gift would be waiting at the end of the refiners fire. We remained faithful to the Lord. Kept trusting even if praying became impossible at one stage. God did not leave us. He was there in the storm with us. Holding us tight to his chest as we cried out in vain. Giving up on love.

I nearly gave up on life this year. But something kept me going. Maybe it was that tiny mustard seed of hope. I wanted to end it so many times but Mum and Dad kept breathing God’s love into my being. Kept walking by my side. I sometimes felt like I was the third wheel. They never gave up on me. Daddy always said sometimes life can change unexpectedly, suddenly. He and Mum are trying to remain calm and sensible. His words not mine. But they feel this excitement like I do. Like finally it is really possible to be loved by gentleness. That there is indeed love for me. 

I enjoy the moments we have together. My soul is at peace when I am with you. Doubts try to creep in when you are away. The old patterned ways of life. The lies of the enemy trying to steal my joy. I will not let this happen.

When I met you for the first time at the stop concert a thought flickered through my head. This is the man of God that Father has prepared for you. One day you will be his. He highlighted you from all those people in there. I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. My eyes kept drawing towards you. You seemed so peaceful, so in love with the Lord. Everything i wanted. I cast the thought aside that the Lord planted in my heart. Went home and prayed. Lord if this is your will make a way where there seems to be no way. And I left it at that. Fully surrendering it to the Lord and not giving it a second thought.

Then like it was you attended the stop concert with me. The latest one and you sat beside me. You seemed to know my tension, my fear, my insecurities and reassured me. You wanted Sue and Tony to pray for us. I wanted this too. They prayed over us and revealed something to you that seemed to convince you this is the Lord’s will for our life. We committed our relationship, our friendship and unbeknownst to us our love for each other to the Lord to guide us through this new season.

And here we are just at the beginning of our greatest love adventure as one, and yet still parallel till we become joined. One. Complete. God at the centre of everything we do. That is my hope. I hope it is yours too.

My love. I know I’ve found a place where I feel I belong at long last.

3 thoughts on “Dear Life-Partner (16)

  1. Almost in tears, but doing major Happy Dance of praise to Father God! Meanwhile continue to find the main place where you belong in God. And if He really does want you together, you will be. In Him.

    We married 38 1/2 years ago, on American Independence Day. So as part of our vows we said we were doing it – “Because God loves me and In Dependence upon Him . . .” And here we still are – two children, multiple Depressions (mostly mine), a broken ankle, stressful job (his), deaths of three parents and lots of life later; facing older age, retirement (his) and whatever God has for us next. Still together, still In Dependence upon Him.”

    Hang in there, Hannah. God has plans for you, to give you a hope and a future. You’ve hung on to the hope through awful times, now continue to hang onto it. Hope based on the fact that God is good and loves you, because He is good and he loves you! We’ll keep praying.


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