As I lay last night re-evaluating my life before God there was one thing that struck me.. In my 15 years of following God and living by faith – I have hope. My hope comes from God. I look back to the time when I left my ex-husband, leaving no trace behind, and how God sustained me when I had no job and I was homeless in a way because I had to leave my ex-husband to protect my unborn child.  I look to the time when I lost my son and how God held me and carried me when I had no strength, I look to the time when I travelled and shared my book with other people, then landing on the door steps of strangers when my apartment in Berlin fell through, and then again God’s provision in the last year. God’s ALWAYS been there. He’s never forsaken me. Never abandoned me. It is by his grace that I am here and that I have hope. It struck me that God’s been the pillar of my life. And so I will trust him and believe in him as he’s got me this far.. So he’ll continue to do what he has planned for me..

One thought on “Re-evaluation

  1. Hang in there Hannah! God has great plans for you, plans to give you a future as well as that hope – Jeremiah 29:11 And don’t let Despair, Depression or the devil try to tell you different.

    Also, for when you’re feeling particularly small and ‘useless’ – I Corinthians 1:25-31.
    As I approach my 63rd birthday (where has the time gone? Inside I’m only 36, with an option on 6) I look forward to what God is going to do with, in and through this old lady!


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