Mr Migraine

Welcome migraine lala land. I know you Mr Migraine.  We are well acquainted.  Though I do not like you and wish not to have you in my life.   Yet you come and go as you please. You remind me that I have a brain in my skull and that when under a lot of stress, and exhaustion you decide to come along to create more exhaustion. I will never understand you and how you’ve managed to be a part of my life for twenty odd years.

Thanks to you Mr Migraine I did not sleep well. I woke up at one am with excruciating head pain. Mr Migraine  has arrived yet again. Sometimes there are a few weeks in between these attacks.  Sometimes a week.  Sometimes  four weeks. It depends on a lot of variables.  Lately though, on and off since September I wake up with excruciating head pain and then it slowly wears away. So, my sleep is never really restful. Not that it matters really.

I took my medication to prevent it from wrecking havoc across my life today. I knew he had potential to turn into a monster so I had to act quickly and outwit Mr Migraine for a change. I just feel very drowsy now and extremely exhausted.  My head pounding against my skull. Brain fog sets in.  But I must go to work. At least tomorrow is weekend. I am trying not to miss any days this month as the first three months on the job I’ve already missed five days. Not a great track record for a new person so I have been told.

So, here I am Friday morning a week since Mr Migraine last appeared lying on my red sofa totally washed out. Pale like the colour of my wall. Head pounding. Rubber legs. Everything takes effort to do. But I must carry on. I must look towards God to help me through this day with a pounding headache hoping that it will ease away.

I am too tired to care about anything. I just want to curl up into a tiny ball, sleep and weep, or weep and sleep whichever comes first. Another interesting fact when I cry or weep it causes Mr Migraine to appear. I wish he would disappear and not come back to me. Maybe one day Mr Migraine will be tired of causing Migraines and will leave me alone. Hopefully.

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