Your Love

I did not ask you to come into my ten-foot wall
Uninvited you steadily worked on breaking my prison
Run I wanted to do, but your gentle love kept me here
Your protective home made me feel safe
It gave me hope when I was drowning
Cling I did to your love

Why love me? Why I wonder?
What do you see in me that I do not see?
Why do you want to love me like a daughter?
What did I do to deserve this?

Now I just need a father’s hug and love
Now I just need a mother’s hug and love
To guide me, to encourage me, to give me
The courage and strength to move away from pain
Into joy

My wounds splintered around me
You tenderly tell me:
You are precious and valued
I want to believe, but I am afraid
What if a father’s love and a mother’s love
Will leave me again? Reject me again?

Shattered I will fall to the ground and weep
I do not want to feel rejection again
I want to feel safe, secure, protected and loved
I crave for a mother’s love
I crave for a father’s love

I crave to be told I belong
Do I belong in your family?

You drew me in and gathered me in your arms
Your hugs told me I was safe
And that I am home
You are loved Hannah
You are not alone anymore
We are here
With open door and open hearts for you
You are safe
You are home
You belong

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