Who I am

My name is Hannah.
I sometimes suffer with depression
But mostly anxiety
I am not ashamed of this
Because this is a
Part of who I am
The dysfunction
Of my childhood
Caused me to view myself
In an unfavourable light

It coloured my perception of who I am
And how I think others should
View me
But my adopted family says
I am precious
They will not give up on me
And love me no matter what

When things overwhelm me
I say “it doesn’t matter”
“It’s not important”
It is kinda like a shut off valve
that closes when things are building
Up inside of me
It is like a wall
A shield to protect me from further hurt

My mask
Disguises my pain
I want to run
Run, run, and run
Away to avoid
Being loved
Because it doesn’t make sense to me
Yet I’ve learned to stay put
Where stability is
It is like a magnet
That draws me near
To the source of love
So I don’t run
I stay
I feel refreshed
When I am with
My adopted family

Thank you for loving me
For keeping me safe
For not giving up on me
And for wanting the best for me

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