I feel very incompetent.. like suddenly I have become stupid and that’s a scary thought… a simple process does not click with my brain and I am sitting there unable to see what the problem is.

I feel like I am letting myself down and I am not sure what to do anymore. I feel overwhelmed. Afraid that I won’t achieve what I need to achieve. I feel like I have no time to be me..

I wish things could be simpler. I am a wordsmith not a number-smith. I don’t do riddles. I write. And I am a person-centred person. I try to help people.  So I feel out of my league. I feel like God’s far away again. I know he’s there. It feels like I have to cross an insurmountable mountain to be where I want to be. How can I find a job most suited to my personality? How can I be successful when I seem to fail at everything?

One thought on “Incompetent

  1. We all have areas of our lives we succeed in and fail in. ‘I seem to fail at everything’ sounds like you are frustrated with this, whatever it is. People like us have to be careful of negative self talk. From my perspective you have been incredibly successful at many things, which is a cause for thankfulness & celebration.


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