Imprisoned by Grief

To a Church youth group somewhere in C….

Grief, this emotion comes abruptly
When life’s course changes swiftly
Into a new reality
Of loss, pain and confusion
This raging exploding pain
Wreaks havoc across
My wounded soul
Wounded, broken
A pain so intense
I cry, I weep
I shout

Sometimes angry with God
Sometimes sad with God
Sometimes accepting God knows best
I question God
I question the mere purpose
Of this life

Where are you God?
I don’t feel you
You seem far away
Yet you carry me
Through the valley of the shadow of death
Through the storm

Understanding of our belief is far-fetched
Why did God allow this to happen?
We become imprisoned by grief
Grief takes hold of our everyday thoughts

Grief is but an emotion
It does not need to imprison us
Surrender God says
Surrender your struggles to me
Come to me all you who are weary
And I shall give you rest
Surrender, surrender my dear child
This grief is not yours
But mine
Be free
Be whole
Let grief go
Let God in
Grief is imprisoned now

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