Abortion On-Demand

As controversial as the topic may seem, it needs to be discussed. The Republic of Ireland is currently holding a referendum today on this vexed topic. A topic which causes a divide on the meaning of human life.  A topic on which some think human life only starts after the baby has been born, while others believe that life starts from the moment of conception.

I know that writing about this topic could cause a backlash for me. That it could offend people, that it could annoy people, frustrate people. Today I question where does life begin? I want to question the men and women who are choosing yes, let women chose to stop life. 

But the real question is this: is this about the right to choose or the right to life?  All the people voting yes, could have been aborted throughout their mum’s pregnancy. Life begins at conception, not birth. It is as simple as that.  Making it easy for women to abort their unborn child cheapens the value of life.  Particularly when there is a long waiting list for people to adopt babies.

Also, if and when the law changes to yes abortion can take place, there will be a huge rise of babies being aborted even if they are totally healthy.  People can then choose I don’t want a child now because it is inconvenient, it is not the right time.  In turn we will see a rise of women who have aborted their babies going through the grief cycle, with the added pressure of feeling guilty for ending a life. When does liberal thinking go too far?

Does the right to choose come before the right to life?  I think not.  If you don’t have the right to life, you can’t grow to make your choice.  So, the right to life comes first, before we are enabled to choose what is best for us.

The people who are promoting the vote for yes – don’t realise how much pain a women can go through after aborting their baby.  They don’t reveal the risks of abortion. Some people who abort their baby can never conceive again. There will be a rise of invisible children that never received the gift of life. These children could have contributed effectively in our society if we hadn’t taken their life so soon.

Now, put yourself in the shoes of a parent who has suffered multiple miscarriages and stillbirths.  Those who so desperately want to love and cherish their child, but by some fluke of life lose theirs not to their own will but because it wasn’t meant to be.  These parents are grieving.  They are torn at the thought of a life that could have been, that has been taken through abortion because the timing is simply not right.   If the timing isn’t right there are options. You can give up your baby for adoption which seems a far better alternative than choosing to end a life.

There are services across the UK already for women who have lost babies either through miscarriage, stillbirth and through abortion.  It is mind-blowing to see the pain written on these women’s faces.  If and when the law changes, we will see a rise of abortions on-demand taking place because people simply don’t feel that it is in their interest to have this child. Because today liberalism preaches ME. SELF. Nobody is more important than myself. This would be saying that to choose is more important than the right to life.

Abortion on-demand would lead to much heartache, and pain in years to come. Vote no. Life starts at conception. Not at birth.  Show compassion to the unborn child!

What about the baby’s right?  If a woman gets to choose? What about the baby? Isn’t the baby entitled to having a voice? A say?

2 thoughts on “Abortion On-Demand

  1. I voted yes today. We cannot continue to export Irish abortions and bury our heads in the sand. The 8th not only impacts abortion, it impacts all maternity care. I’ve had two children, I have experienced first hand how the eight negatively affects women and their families. The status quo is not good enough. It needs to change. I totally respect your opinion. It’s a very very emotive topic. It’s an extremely decisive issue.


  2. With you totally in this, Hannah. We, in mainland UK, already don’t value the lives of the unborn. It’s getting to the stage where we also don’t value the lives of the very elderly and the terminally ill, with ‘Right to End Life Legally’ legislation continually being pushed.

    The way Government policies are being developed, it appears that the current government also doesn’t value the lives of the poor, those without homes, even many children.

    Where does it all stop?

    And why did our parents and grandparents fight a war against the Nazis and their eugenics policies, only to allow this sort of legislation to creep in twenty, thirty, fifty, sixty and seventy years later?


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