Happy 6th Birthday, little Elouise

Another year has come and gone… There are days when I think of you Elouise and the other two often and wonder if I will ever get to hold my babies and to love them..

Happy 6th Birthday Elouise. It is hard to imagine where time has gone to. I imagine if you were still here you would be going to dance class and art class. I don’t know what to say except sorry that you couldn’t live. Sorry that you didn’t have a chance.

Last year I threw flowers into a Norwegian sea… This year I am throwing flowers into an English channel. Next year it will be somewhere else.

I wonder what you are doing. How you look like. I wonder all these things sweet child of God… Safe in the arms of Jesus.

So, my precious child I pray that I live a godly life for the life that you never got. I pray that I can leave a legacy behind that would make you proud of me. You were a fighter.. A little warrior. You gave me courage. Thank you.

Happy birthday sweet child.                       I will always love you, care for you and miss you.

Till we see each other again.

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