A Walk of Faith

For me, life is a matter of trusting God. It is a walk of faith.  I know that God can provide for each of my needs as challenging as that may be at times.  Simply, because I can so easily succumb to fear and doubt. Fear and doubt the enemy of my soul. Nonetheless, I have seen God provide for my needs constantly. Sometimes I don’t know it. But God is everywhere. He never changes from the East to the West. He always remains the same. He comforts us, loves us, showers us with blessings even when we don’t deserve it. But he remains steadfast and faithful to those that fear him and that call onto him for help.

Life has been a bit of a challenge for me these past weeks. Or rather, it has been one trial after another. Or if you want to look at it differently one experience after another.  It started off with lower back pain, then I twisted my ankle, and then I injured my neck somehow, and haven’t fully recovered from that injury. But throughout it all God has remained steadfast in my life. Father God did not change just because I injured myself, instead he provided me with other ways to achieve things without putting too much pressure on the injured part of my body.

I often ask people whether it is better to rely on our own strength or to have open but personal communication with God? For me the answer is simple. It is easier to build a personal relationship with God, than to rely on our own strength.  Why? Because somewhere, in the chaos of my world, I know that God will comfort me, heal me, when I least expect him to.  I call onto him for help, and he will help me.  Sometimes his help is not the help that we are expecting. But his way is always better. For me the struggle has been in my physical strength. I feel like I have lost strength, but I know that God will heal me of my injuries.  Meanwhile I just have to keep trusting him to take me a day further onto this journey which I call a walk of faith.

Everyday I am faced with challenges. It is how we react to those challenges that shows what is in our heart.  Do I rant and rave at God for putting me through yet another trial? Or do I say in you God, I put my trust (Psalm 25.1) and heal me Lord, and I will be healed, save me Lord and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise (Jeremiah 17.14).  It is all about where you put your words, where you put your trust, where you put your faith. Do you put your faith in your back pocket and only rely on it in the emergency situation? Or do you decide today I will follow you God, lead me into everlasting peace, guide me as I go through my day, and whatever happens you God are in control of my life, for your love remains steadfast, for you remain faithful to us. That is one beautiful truth of God. The fact that his character never changes, that his love for us never changes. That it always remains the same. Hallelujah.

So, despite the stumbling blocks in my life, the physical pain that I have been in for the past few weeks, I am remarkably at peace, and know that God is real, and that he will see me through the hard times, and provide me with all the things I need.  Sometimes it just takes a small mustard seed for that faith to grow into a gigantic tree, that can bear fruit for the lost of this world, for the broken of this world.  When we go through a difficult time or good times we have to be willing to testify about God’s goodness to others.

Even if I find it hard sometimes to think positively, God is light, his light shines even behind the grey dull clouds, but he is there, and he will help you. Believe it. Let go and let God in.  Don’t fight it on your own. Let God fight the fights with you, let him be your rock, let him hold your hand and guide you on your walk of faith.

Dear Father God – please help me to lean on you for strength, and not rely on my own strength. Help me to heal from the physical pain that seems to wrap me in its blanket of discomfort. Help me to seek your face. Help me to trust you during the hard times, and the good times. Help me to testify about your goodness towards me. Amen. 



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