An Invitation

I was honoured to be invited to sit in on a music rehearsal session. Like a privileged guest in the secret world of musicians and songwriters versus poets and writers. Though music knowledge and singing is not my fortitude, this once in a life-time session was a beautiful insight on the process of an album to be.

I love music.  Whenever I listen to meaningful music, I know there must be a process to getting it to the point of release. It is in essence like a book in the making. There are so many demands that need to be done behind the scenes that an outsider to the creative world may not realise, how much work it takes to make one book, one album, one video clip, one painting, one photograph to be. It is not musicians or creative artists being lazy. There is a process in everything.  The process is like cooking. Adding herbs for taste, so that the music particles can collide yet make the song come alive filled with motion and emotion.

The night in itself was anointed. The Holy Spirit was present.  Powerful beyond my wildest imaginations. I was transported from one domain into another dimension. Transported to the cross, where healing can occur. Hearing angels in the background singing, imagining what the song would be like when it is released for publication.  It was inspiring. I had goosebumps throughout the evening, as I watched songwriters, musicians, singers all coming together to make one song come to life. Knowing full well that each musician, singer, and songwriter comes with their own baggage and with that the emotions come to life creating an atmosphere of musical order. Creating music a joined commitment. Listening to ideas that are being sprinkled across the blackboard as the song takes shape and ultimately giving these songs motion. Giving songs meaning.   Giving songs a variety of spheres, and voices and instruments married together to become what it will be one day in the near future.

This was an extraordinary evening for which I am grateful that I was invited to take part in. May the Lord bless this album in His good timing.

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