Good Friday – United Walk of Witness

Today is Good Friday. It is cold. Rainy. Wet. Damp. Often times the weather can dampen our feelings along with the dampness of winter cold.  It’s almost April and we still haven’t reached temperatures in the double digits.  For me, I say Lord it is time for the seasons to turn. Time for the weather to change. Time for some sunshine.  No-one knows why winter seems to be dragging its feet behind for so long. I just want this cold to end, and enjoy the start of spring. Watch the trees bloom. Isn’t that what part of Easter is about? New beginnings, new hope?

Today is Good Friday. It is the day that Jesus died for our sins. It is the day that He died on the cross, and took our sin.  It is a day of sadness, and yet it is also a day of great joy, as Jesus took all our pain, all our hurts, all our sin on the cross so that we could have eternal life. Father, forgive them for they know not what they do (Luke 23.24).

Today is Good Friday. I took part in a march. It was a sobering experience, yet really powerful. I felt goosebumps as I was walking down the streets of London proclaiming that Jesus was my Lord and saviour. That I love Jesus. I know within my heart that I want to serve God, Jesus no matter what. That they come first in my life. Without their love where would I be? I was broken, I am a woman slaved to sin and yet Jesus died for my sins, for my pain, brokenness, He died for all of us so that I, you, everyone may have eternal life. How amazing is that?

Today is Good Friday. The one thing that I learnt over the last years in my life is that whatever we are facing, whatever struggle we are facing, or whatever is on our heart we simply have to Take it to the Cross. And talk to God about our struggles and he will make us whole.  He will heal us if we let Him into our hearts. If we stay tuned into the word of God, then we can be healed. Then we can be made whole. How amazing is that?

Today is Good Friday. I am standing in the rain. Thinking about the sacrifice that God made so that I could have eternal life. It is cold outside. Raining. Perhaps the rain drops are God’s tears for His Son that died on the cross for us today. The skies are weeping today. May the skies rejoice on Sunday when Jesus has risen once more. May we take everything to the cross so that we may be whole. Amen


One thought on “Good Friday – United Walk of Witness

  1. And yet, in spite of all what wants us to think it is still winter, spring HAS come – the warmness of heart-relations in Jesus is even warmer than a sunny day


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