Winter, Past Tense

The trees are tired of winter
The trees are screaming green please
I am tired of winter
Winter can go hide, spring can come

Winter darkness has been enough
The cold hammering persistently
Not giving up, it is time for
Winter to be past tense
Time for it to lighten up

The sun peeks coyly behind the
Weary branches splaying wildly
Into the horizon of frost-spread
Reflecting a world of unruliness
Muted into a silence of numbing pain
My mind wanders to where the colour lies
Questioning the mundane task of
Undoing the chaos that lies before me

Branches dance wildly against the sky
Reflecting the angst of a forgotten past
Colour comes softly in-between the cracks
And winter, now past tense
Spring has come
A solitary daffodil pokes her head
Above the sodden turf

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