Voicemails Marathon Concluded

Dedicated to the Dutch team of Debt Collectors 

It is with great sadness that I wave goodbye
To an era of a voicemail marathon – not.
I did not know that I would write a poem
Wondering about the endless possibilities
Of conversations that could have occurred…
Did not happen often
All I got was the answer machine
With an infinite hum of variety
So my time has come to an end
Character building concluded
Assertive training concluded
And I can move on to my next stop

You ask do I bring something special
Maybe this poem will stay with you
Maybe not
I was the quiet lass in the office
Always been quiet, not a bad thing sometimes
For some I leave you behind with endless
Questions about my future
Will she be famous one day?
Or not?
Simply I am just Cee or
Hannah to everyone
What will she do??
Honestly I don’t know, I go without a real plan
Plans change like shifting sands
This a walk of faith as I embark this journey called: Life
Maybe you can leave a voicemail in my answer phone
nd find out one day that I finally achieved my greatest wish
Helping people find their way through the endless rubble of uncertainties
Giving a few children love
Children with no parents love
That is my wish

Not an endless life of a voicemail marathon
It is not who I am
There’s more to life
Than just working
It’s sharing
And building trust
Spreading love to those who need it
That’s who I want to be and who I think I am

So with this I close this chapter and go on to the next
Not easy but
I know it’ll be a journey of faith
This is how it should be
Spontaneity at its best

And now I wave goodbye
Wish you all the best for your future lives
Till we meet again… wherever that may be.


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