Strangers passing… Remaining Strangers

I am anonymous in this great big city.
Every morning I walk the same route,
Wait at the same place, same time
For the bus and
I am anonymous just the same
We share the odd smile or frown
Not knowing what goes on next door
Just a silence, a timeless time of avoidance
Easier than talking

“Good morning, I hope your day goes well.
It’s my last on the bus”

And so, I board the bus, sit down
and watch the goings of everyday life
Not uttering a word just staring into
A sea of blank faces
Wondering what adventure their lives lead them on

I am anonymous
I won’t be on this bus route no-more
This season is over
And not once did you ask who I was
Why I was here
We shared the same bus
Strangers passing, remaining strangers

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