I’ll See You Again, My Micheline

I’ll see you again, my Micheline,
Though our journeys changed course 8 years ago
You are still my child, God’s precious child.

My child so much has been to pass
So much has been lost
My love for you has gotten wide
Like the depths of the oceans
No longer do I question the reasonings
Of God, the reasons of why you could not hold onto life

Life perhaps wasn’t for you, so I march on
This journey by myself
Wondering will I ever be a mum?
I assumed I would be after Elouise, then Sebastian
But no they too went home to heaven

I wonder what you would look like now
Darling child. I just hope that you are happy
I long to hold you and hear about your day
One day I will see you again my Micheline

Happy 8th Birthday my precious child of God
I love you always and miss you!

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