Father, I want to know you more

Father I want to know you more deeply
I want you to fill my every pore with your love
I lay down before you and surrender my struggles

Father, I want to be a daddy’s little girl
I want to become more and more dependent on you
But you seem so far away. You seem so distant.
You loom like the big mountains that stare at
Me in disdain, and here I am a small girl
Failing to overcome the simple lesson
Of patience, compassion, forgiveness
And I am thrown recklessly into

Rivers of panic
Rivers of  fear
Rivers of what is the purpose
of my life

Father I need you
To engulf me with your love
To swallow me whole with your compassion
To protect me with your big strong wings that
Shelter me from storm’s rage

Help me Lord to seek you
Help me Lord to be free in you
Help me Lord to surrender my struggles at the cross

Reveal yourself to me oh Father I pray,
Speak to me oh Lord
For I turn and turn and all I hear is
Silence, the big vast silence
That echoes, echoes and nothing is said
To me in the dark night

Reveal yourself to me oh Father I pray
Help me to see your face
Help me to be whole in you
Show me the way forward.



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