The Leaking Container Saga

The Leaking Container Saga

How can you write a verselet on a leaking box
With spinach and liver?
My liver for iron deficiency.
The necessity for liver not to go to waste
What a nuisance, oh what a nuisance

The frustration of having to wait endlessly
For a bus that seems to dwindle behind
Left behind in stopping traffic
Wondering if it will ever make
A grand appearance

Oh and wait all that precious liver leaking out for what?
My liver, my precious liver, you break my heart
How could you leak out?
Oh the need for every good substance in that liver
All leaked out into this silly plastic bag
Gone to waste and what for?
For this lid is not leak proof.

Cars whiz by and I must wait,
Patience not being my virtue
I wait with patience dwindling fast
And the sauce steadily leaks out
With all the good substances of the liver
Gone into an empty bag of nothingness

All that goodness gone for my blood
And I wonder when I will be finally
Fatigue free


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