God’s Blessing

A turbulent time, a time of anxious thoughts
brokenness amplified blasting into a falsified perfect world
of endless qualms, wonderings of the mind
through the thick desert sand
seeking to know God’s will
in an unkempt world of moving doubts

Guilt eats me alive
Shame binds me in chains
Sin holds me down from moving
with the flow of life

Wondering what the purpose of all the storms are
Is there ever an end?
Seeking God, praying to God, rejoicing in God
Learning to be content
like the sweet birds of the sky

My heart but sings a sweet lullaby
As the Lord blesses me with His presence
And I know he’s there
Even when he seems miles away
He’s holding me
Rejoicing as I cling onto Him
As I pin each and every hurt to the cross

He wants me whole
He does not forsake me
He loves me
He cares for me
He binds my wounds and
brings healing to my brokenheart
He takes away the shame

He whispers gently into my ear
To let go of the lifetime of regrets
And to pin my eyes onto the positive
On the accomplished things
On helping others through their pain
He’s called me to a life of ministry
Singing songs of praise and hope

And so it is this that I know
God blesses me with His presence
He tells me to struggle no more
For He holds me in the palm of His hand
You are free… free… at last
Seek Him always… first

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