The Calling of God

The calling from God
So sweet to the ears
Pure as white snow
Most profound of all

I run to Him, to seek His perfect will
Noises all around fade into nothingness
As the call of God overpowers all

The miracle in the ear
Is when a human can hear
His voice, follow His ways
And serve Him
With a keen heart

Waiting, watching Him in awesome wonder
As He moves mountains and valleys
To provide for our needs

So very refreshing like pure white snow
My gaze goes towards heaven
As I ponder on His word
Listen to His word
And know that He has made
His dwelling place within me
The calling from God
Is like a drifting cloud
Time may seem still
But the light before me
Guides me into His righteousness

Laying my burdens down at the foot of the cross
I hear God’s comforting words
Of love fill the thunderous emotions
Inside of me
God is my refuge
In times of trouble
And in times of sweet rest

The calling of God
Is the sweetest sound to my ear
When I hear it, my heart pounds
And run I do, to Him
To bear my cross proudly
As I serve for the glory of
His kingdom

His call is the voice I will listen to
His call quickens my heart
Knowing that I am soon to be
In His perfect will once more.

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