On the Wings of a Butterfly

Life, life, life flutters the butterfly
On its wings it says: Choose Life
Life, life the beating drum
Of my heart: choose life!

Upon the wings of a butterfly
Messages are strewn
Choose life is shouted across
The fields of gold
Waking me rudely from a slumber deep
A turmoil intense inside.

My sweet boy – how can it be?
Three years nearly gone with the sands…
… Of missing you…
…Of the wanderings of the mind…

Sharing messages of hope
On the wings of a butterfly…
My peace is found.

Hallelujah – I am free!
Hallelujah – I am set free to fly
Across the blue.
Praise the Lord!

On the wings of a butterfly
Hope appears once more
In my heart of loss.

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