Safe in the Arms of Jesus

based on the song Safe in the Arms of Jesus by Jules Riding

Jesus is my savior
His perfect love drives out fear (1 John 4.18)
He binds up my broken wounds (Psalm 147.3)
Glues my vessel whole
Carries me when I fall
Hears my beaten cry
No matter what I’ve done wrong
His love will see me through

He casts away demons
That plagues me by night,
Becomes the new landlord in charge
Of my fragmented vessel

For the Holy Spirit is within me
The word of God is alive and active,
sharper than a double edged sword
(Hebrews 4.12)

Safe in the arms of Jesus,
Oh, so safe in His everlasting arms

Grace perfect grace
Faith perfect faith
Love perfect love
Casts out all fear.

Fear has no place
The Lord is my fortress
In Him I shall place my trust

When demons assaults at night
Arrows crisscross
The warn torn highways of a
Neglected past
Jesus comes to my rescue
And whispers gently in my ear

You are safe,
Safe in the arms of Jesus,
Oh, so safe in His everlasting arms
Do not be afraid my child
For I am with you, always.

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