Depression is like a wave that crashes against you and pushes you under till you are submerged underneath something that presses against your chest. Then you are trying to claw your way out with all your strength and all your might.

It is a feeling of being overwhelmed completely. Frozen into a space of time, where panic grips your body like a snake and squeezes you till all the air gets taken out.   And you are gasping for air.  Gasping. Gasping.  Suddenly you realize that you are alone. And always will be alone.

Depression wrestles with you as you try and fight it with everything within you.  But no-one hears your cries.  No-one sees your pain.  No-one seems to notice who you’ve become.  A curtain draws to a close, and you are left alone in a vacuum of nothingness.

You’re trapped inside a glass jar.  People pass you by and don’t notice the silent tears dropping to the ground.  Dropping.  Dropping.  Dropping.  Alone. Alone. So very alone.

And the only person that can save you from the snare of depression is God.  You have to give it all to God. God’s your only weapon to overcome this evil dark force.

Broken. Fragmented. Shattered. Overwhelmed.  Panic-stricken.  Deep human anguish. Grief. Pain. Hurting. Hurting. Hurting. Hurting alone.

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