Broken Vessel

When all the world is shadowed by pressing dusk
I watch the crashing waves, scattering waves, broken waves
Wrap itself around my broken vessel

Captured into a timeless time of uncertainty
Broken wounds, defenseless lesions of hurt
Gorges of an infinite ache of
Bygone years; forlorn, isolated into an empty vacuum
Of ancient treasures
Sinking fast into see through liquid

I cry out to the Lord in pain
Oh Lord don’t you know how much it hurts?
Don’t you see the offensive lesions of
Convoluted hurt?

A broken vessel I am, wounded
My broken heart I bring to you Lord
Oh Lord please heal me
Take the offensive pain away

I float alone on an empty sea
Fraught with deep sorrow

He hears my cries in the darkness of the night
Binds my wounds up, does not forsake me
And bestows his unending love
Upon my undeserving, shattered vessel,
Gluing it back with gentle tender care

Why does it have to be so hard?
The pain, the lesions of convoluted hurt?
The ache of wanting to hold my child close to my chest?
O Lord, I can’t do it no more.
Hold me, hear me please!
Do not forsake me please!
Love me please!
I cry out once more.

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